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Dr. Gluck talks about something most of you are probably involved with: marriage. How does a marriage evolve? And how could it devolve? Gluck breaks down some key causes of resentment like money, children, sex and family members. He then offers hands-on tips for overcoming those common pitfalls, so that you and yours can cherish each other in mutually enriching ways. www.gluckradio.com


Tim Dowling doesn't know how to be a husband, so that's precisely why he decided to write about it! With very little insight on things like compatibility, communication, sex and children, Tim is set straight by Dr. Gluck. While he may be just your average British man from Connecticut, we'll see the beauty behind the fumbles, and learn the foundation of love and adventure Tim found with his wife. Pick up a copy of his brilliantly written book today, and follow him @IAmTimDowling


You may think you know everything there is to know about sex, but a lot of what you know is myth. Sexpert Martha Kempner is here to debunk some of the more popular ones like penis size, bisexuality, female orgasms, and how much grandma and grandpa are having sex (answer: a lot!). This show will blow your mind in every sense of the word. www.marthakempner.com


Lately, science has had a lot to say about your sex life. With us is the fun academic sex-pert, Emily Nagoski, to answer some of the tougher questions. Is there a "normal" sexuality? How can you tell if a woman is faking an orgasm, and are female orgasms really rare? How do we talk to kids about sex? And does monogamy ruin life in the bedroom? It's time to redefine your outlook on sex — it's not how much sex you have, but how much you enjoy the sex you do have. www.thedirtynormal.com


Dr. Gluck sermonizes on the point of life with none other than GluckRadio's sound engineer John Alex Busi (who knew there was such wisdom behind the soundboard all these years!) Is the point of life to have people at your funeral? To be a leader or follower? To make money? Is the simple life the same as a lazy life? If love's the point, is there unconditional love? Are you the best version of yourself? Then Gluck has his silly moments where he invites some pretty powerful people on the show! Listen to other episodes on GluckRadio.com


Increasingly we live among strangers and behind screens, so what's happening to our etiquette? With a minimal need for social decorum, how can we redefine what it means to be considerate? Advice columnist Amy Alkon joins us to explain. From people who talk too loudly on the phone to loud restaurants, Dr. Gluck and Alkon offer you advice on how to get that loudmouth prick near you to shut up. The new sheriff in town might be a viral YouTube video! www.advicegoddess.com


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And that's exactly what Lisa Phillips was, comparing the romantic obsession and unrequited love she had for a man to a "demon inside her." Both as a former obsessive and now a journalist who studies them, Phillips offers multiple perspectives on women's romantic yearning, jealousy, thoughts of revenge, and inability to accept "no" for an answer. How bad did it get for her? How did she rise out of it? And can you actually convince someone to like you? www.lisaaphillips.com.


Why isn't parenting fun anymore? No matter how much we love our children, study after study shows that non-parents are much happier than parents, so what gives? Journalist Jennifer Senior is here to address that paradox. Parenting has a heavy impact on marriages and sex lives, and the overattentive way we parent may be driving us crazy. Plus, are moms getting the short end of the stick? We'll also hear how Dr. Gluck parented his kids in an unusual way. www.jennifersenior.com


We welcome the founder of the world famous sex party Kinky Salon. Her name is Polly Superstar, and her fetish is not leather but love. Far from another orgy, she details in her new book "Sex Culture Revolutionary" that Kinky Salons are ways to "deepen" human trust and connection. Why do we still suffer from the same sexual hang-ups as a society? The show isn't all sweet though, as she and Dr. Gluck disagree on whether too much freedom is safe or not. www.pollysuperstar.com


How can a guy who's got it as good as Brian Cuban develop such severe Body Dysmorphia, alcoholism, and drug addiction? How did his reflection in the mirror become a 30 year long enemy? Cuban joins GluckRadio.com to talk about how his life as a man with eating disorders affected him, and how it changed into a life of inspiration. Dr. Gluck offers tips on self-esteem, letting the past go, and the truth behind bullies. www.briancuban.com


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